The Nature Conservancy

One of the keys to undertake a new development on the planet and ensure the conservation of biodiversity is in an adequate management of the territory, in an inclusive planning, and in the conjunction of actions between producers of different systems, between actors of civil society, of the private initiative and the public sector.


Green Growth Agreement

We contribute to generate pacts for green growth, through which meeting platforms are built for governmental instances of different sectors or of different orders, in which the private initiative can find a way to grow without sacrificing the biodiversity, and in the that those who have already embarked on the transition to more sustainable practices can find a forum and new business opportunities.


Intermunicipal meetings

One of the weakest points in the governance of the territory is in the municipalities, which have historically been neglected and whose faculties and resources are not enough to face the enormous challenges involved in the development and conservation of biodiversity. Therefore, we work with municipal governments to build alliances that allow them to work with longer time horizons, on a larger scale and with more integrated policies.


Biocultural landscapes

The biocultural landscapes are a figure of a protected natural area that has had enormous success in other countries, and that allows to give a greater presence to a region in the national environment, distinguish the products that emerge from there and force government and private initiative align their policies with each other and with the objectives of sustainable development. Through a badge, and the participatory construction of norms and policies to be exercised, this will be a key figure for the governance of the territory.