Políticas Públicas

The Nature Conservancy

Sustainable development

We work so that public policies are a lever that allows to move towards sustainability, and so that governments, producers and other actors in the private initiative have the capacities and resources to make that transition. This work takes place by offering information, training capacities within the public administration and making proposals that contribute to these goals.


Mitigation and Climate Change Adaptation

Much of our work is aimed to prevent the global temperature increase exceeds two degrees Celsius, and to allow greater adaptation to the effects that climate change is already having on the planet.


Approach between sectors

The construction of public policies that adds to sustainability implies allowing the different sectors of the private initiative and the public administration to coordinate better and build strategies and joint actions.


Impulse to the perspective of gender

Transforming the role of women in production, in everyday life and in public life is not only vital for moving towards sustainability. It is also a matter of elementary justice. For this reason, a large part of our work is aimed at making visible the situation, contributions and activities of women in the field, but also to make proposals and analyzes that allow transforming their condition and strengthening them.



It is not easy to clearly mark the limits and principles that should govern public policies so that they are respectful of human rights and biodiversity. For this reason, we work to promote these social and environmental safeguards that make these rights visible, guide the way to compliance and establish mechanisms to be respected.