Sustainable productive models

Local Capacities

There is not a single recipe, a single productive model that allows to detonate the virtuous circles between biodiversity conservation and economic development. It is necessary to build these models by rescuing knowledge, incorporating innovations, adapting to local reality, and taking advantage of present inertia. Therefore, we build sustainable products models hand in hand with local communities.

Change production to mitigate climate change

Transforming productive practices in agriculture allows the search for food security to be the great engine of biodiversity conservation. Using natural and friendly inputs to the environment, assuming criteria of respect for nature when managing plots and productive units, agriculture generates a symbiosis with the natural environment that envelops and gives strength.

Livestock and silvopastoral systems.

Cattle have had an ambiguous role for a long time. On the one hand, it has been responsible for a large part of the degradation and loss of forest ecosystems. On the other hand, it fulfills very difficult functions to substitute for local communities, not only as a source of protein, but as a substitute for financial mechanisms. Assuming better productive practices and livestock, this situation can change, and the impact of livestock on forests and forests, reduce.