State Level

MREDD+ Alliance

In December, 2016 the Sustainable Framework Agreement for the Yucatan Peninsula was announced. This is a historic agreement between state governments, federal government and the private sector


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In 2010, the governments of Campeche, Quintana Roo and Yucatan decided to work together for climate change mitigation and adaptation through the Climate Fund of the Yucatan Peninsula.

State Climate Action Fund for the PY

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What should be considered when developing a REDD+ State Strategy? Know the main guidelines

REDD+ State Strategies

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The SZPS is an online tool that describes the different uses of the territory in an integrated way: conservation, forest management and agricultural activities.

Sustainable Zoning Production Mapa

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Learn about the opportunities and obstacles for private sector investment in sustainable agricultural systems in this this synthesis geared towards producers, the business sector and decision makers.

Promote scaling-up and replication mechanisms / Business case

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