Approach between sectors

Public policies

The construction of public policies that adds to sustainability implies allowing the different sectors of the private initiative and the public administration to coordinate better and build strategies and joint actions.

Modification of operating rules and other public policies

We work with all public sectors, the three levels of government, to use their capacity for action, their budget and policies to promote a more sustainable way of producing, and a more inclusive way of conserving.

Agreements between sectors

One of the most important challenges is to achieve the integration of public policies of sectors with different agendas. To overcome this challenge, we have contributed to the construction of agreements between different ministries and agencies.

  • Convenio Semarnat-Sagarpa
  • Acuedo Conafor-Sagarpa

Proposals for program targeting

Strategic sectors

Our work with governments also includes support to better focus programs that affect the conservation and transformation of production, in order to magnify their positive impacts and their contributions to sustainability.