Impulse to the perspective of gender

Public Policies

Transforming the role of women in production, in everyday life and in public life is not only vital for moving towards sustainability. It is also a matter of elementary justice. For this reason, a large part of our work is aimed at making visible the situation, contributions and activities of women in the field, but also to make proposals and analyzes that allow transforming their condition and strengthening them.

Proposals for legal reforms and programs

We work with multiple political actors and with other civil society organizations to generate proposals on how public policies and the laws that govern them should change, and to give them strength between society and the actors involved.

Analysis of policies and legislation

Our analysis of policies and the legal framework at multiple levels allows us to detect and indicate where to impact, to focus efforts and achieve greater results.

Meetings of women and other events

By managing meetings between women’s groups, between organizations linked to the gender issue, between government actors and civil society interested in this, we allow the proposals of all and all to gain strength and have a greater impact.